Ecstatic Work Opens Up The Next Level Of Human Performance

People in Ecstatic Work Experience:

  • Heightened Creativity
  • Increased Performance
  • Accelerated Problem Solving

What is SHFT Happens anyway?

SHFT Happens is a pop-up co-working & mentoring vault, a catalyst tool for personal development. More than a novel twist on co-working, SHFT Happens is an entirely new way to approach work and productivity. SHFT Happens is where we engage in Ecstatic Work - a freeform co-working where:

  • creation expands
  • spirit activates
  • boundaries melt
  • procrastination ceases
  • creativity breaks free
  • hope happens
  • beauty flows
  • rituals revive
  • harmony resonates

Our home in April

For our April immersion, rent24, a feel-good workplace & a conscious business with a heart, will accommodate us in the magical Magna Plaza, in the center of Amsterdam. We are proud & honoured to be hosted in this monumental building, filled with so much history, beauty & charm.

Rent24 offers truly unique & homy work & event spaces in various locations across Germany & Amsterdam. Choose a fixed desk or a flex desk. You’re bound to feel nurtured & at home.

What is Ecstatic Work?

Ecstatic Work is the peak performance state where you feel your best, feel most supported and empowered, and perform your best.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

If you want to go far, fast, learn how to hack Ecstatic Work with the SHFT Happens Community and take your game to the next level.

May Pop-Up Co-Working Immersion

FULL SHFT (09:30 - 17:30):
Workshop ☆ DJing session ☆ Cacao Ceremony ☆ Generative Trance ☆ Work Sprints ☆ Lunch ☆ Yoga or Boxing Clinic ☆ Mentoring & Networking

HALF SHFT (14:00 - 17:30): Mentoring ☆ Networking


“The SHFT Happens team who organized this and moderated the day did a great job. There were lots of amazing connections made and you managed to tap into everybody’s way of learning and managed to reach out to those people that are either really data driven, or analytical, or abstract thinkers, but also catered to those people that are more emotional or social or have a preference for structure. It didn’t matter which, and by doing to you created an environment where we could all be ourselves and really connect with each other on a very vulnerable level, and that was really behind the entire day which meant you created this great environment.”

“SHFT Happens was really like a smorgasbord. It was all different coaches and all different approaches and all different ways of thinking and ideas, and could take from what works best for you! Every approach/coach had something new to offer and the thing about having this kind of smorgasbord is that you get to try all of it and put together the perfect plate that you can take away to empower your life.”


“It was a very well organized today. There was a lot of diversity in the program and when I arrived in the morning, I was very tired and my mood wasn’t so good. The day gave me a lot of energy and I went home energized, having finished the project I had in mind for the day, so got lots of inspiration from the coaches which I really liked, so good job.”



“I found the morning exercise to be really powerful. I got a lot from this event and it’s really cool how you intentionally curated the type of people that came, enabling some real connections with people to be made which for me is the most important, and I appreciates all the nuggets of information that I got over the day, and how these communities can create opportunities for people to connect one-on-one, or in a small group and we really get to know one another, and what we want to do in the future. I think we can really build momentum around some of the more structured ideas, so I think it was really a great balance and the more that we can do this as a collective, the more opportunities we can create.”

“At the start of the day I was sitting there and felt a bit of a connection with the people that were sitting next to me. I wondered if this day would be a good fit everybody. But then the first exercise came where you had to say one word about the other person next to you and I guess that was the turning point, because that’s not something that you usually do, maybe just subconsciously, but then you keep it to yourself because you don’t want to judge others. Then the exercise was to judge somebody else and this suddenly allowed to say what you thought about the other person and it was all so positive that suddenly everybody opened up and suddenly it’s a room full of individuals doing the same thing not as individuals but as a group and we’re all in this as a whole. I really like that sense of connection with people we did the exercise with. I liked that exercise it really opened people up at the start of the day.”

“I would have loved more time for heads-down, deeper, individual work.”




“For the knowledge sessions, instruct the coaches to only talk about one topic and go in depth on that specific topic.”





“I enjoyed the event a lot and think the location was a fantastic choice – as well as the coaches! I like the idea of the connection exercise in the beginning but found this specific exercise a bit too long.”



“I liked working in small groups and with others as you could hear their stories, compare your stories to theirs and find resonance in others.”







“It was a great idea that we could talk to different people and coaches and try different approaches.”



“I really liked how the day worked, in that the coaches were together with us and there was no separation. I think there was a huge shift, as they were there with us and at that moment you could go to them and work with them without feeling that separation. You’re in the same line and the same flow so that’s absolutely positive and you see them as a normal human being, and see this is collaboration, as opposed “this person is going to teach me something”, so this is something I took with me.”

“I really liked the day. I feel that it was such a positive experience and there was so much good energy in the room that I would like to have experienced this over four days, with one day focusing on each area. It was like a great buffet. It was like really wonderful food, but I ate too much. I loved it, and you can always scale down.”



“This was the first time that I’ve been to anything that’s focused on yourself. Usually I go to things that are more about how you can make business better, driving sales numbers, building your brand, etc. At SHFT, we started in the beginning by actively listening and then the other person was streaming. That was a really nice way to centre yourself and focus on the senses and the emotions and the smells I could visualize everything in my head and when I was doing it I was smiling and feeling great which really put me in a good state for the rest of the day. For me, I realized as I took everything back to this moment and realized that things like that were a turning point in my midlife crisis and in that moment I realized that there are things that make me really unhappy, the money, and the material things aren’t what I need, and this made all of the 3 ideas that I had fall into place perfectly and I felt really energized to get those going, so thank you very much.”

“I really liked how intimate and small the day felt and how you could really get so much out of it.”



“I look forward to monothematic days where one theme could be dealt with in depth and concretely, having the opportunity to apply it there and then.”




“In the past, when I’ve been to events like these, a lot is promised but there’s not so much delivered. At SHFT Happens there was so much offered, and so much quality. The food. The people. The participants and how it was organized really impressed me. The program was really packed, which was really good because there was a lot  of real value in everything. In the morning program, we were in a different mindset and the exercise really helped us connect on a different level, which was really uplifting. In the second part it was more inspiration and information and quality time with the coaches and other participants. Great day!”

A great initiative with a lot of potential!