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We work with the most reliable, highly researched, medically and scientifically validated psychometric tool.



Participants in our programs improve their Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence by 20% in less than 20 hours.


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We bring the best of Emotional Intelligence to companies that are committed to creating more human workplaces. The companies we work with leverage EQ in these three key areas: 

Our team

Ina Catrinescu

CEO, Chief Emotions Officer

Ina is the founder of SHFT Happens and a C-level consultant, entrepreneur, Speaker, and best-selling author. She’s also an Emotional Intelligence trainer, Generative Change Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor who has overcome not one, but two episodes of burnout.

Over the past 18 years, she has led Global Change and transformation initiatives at companies such as KPMG, ING, Europol and Achmea and now channels her knowledge to help people make meaningful changes in their behavior and life. 

Marianna Kocsány

CRO, Chief Relationships Officer

Marianna’s therapy is a fusion of classic psychoanalysis, emotion focused therapy, hypnotherapy, Gottman method, and mindfulness.

She believes that most relationship problems are related to non-adaptive bonding patterns, and limiting beliefs about themselves and their relationships.  By rewriting these patterns and beliefs she guides clients to create the relationship that they are truly longing for, and help them in deepening their connection with their partners.

Ferenike Kantartzi


Ferenike is a knowledge broker, coach, digital creator and speaker who believes that happiness is about being authentic and living life on your own terms. She helps people with accepting and loving all the parts of themselves, and as a result their life transforms.

Frank Boon

CPO, Chief Purpose Officer

Frank is an expert on finding people’s passion. He believes that everyone has something unique to offer and that the world becomes a bit more beautiful when everyone works from their passion.

Dennis Beentjes

CCO, Chief Career Officer

Denis believes that with the right mindset, everyone is capable, to live a happy and successful life. That is why he is committed to offering the right ingredients to brew a positive mindset and the tools to ignite people’s motivation, attain sustainable growth in order to create value to others.

Cor Van Drieberge

CBO, Chief brain & Boxing Officer

Cor believes that body & mind are indefinitely connected with each other. Most of the coaching, mindfulness and other practices go quite deep. Combining boxing and coaching, he helps people connect with their true nature.

Davide Piai

CMO, Chief Mindfulness Officer

Davide adopts the integrative theoretical framework and systems-based neurobiological model to explain the mechanisms by which mindfulness creates a sustainable healthy mind. This gives people the necessary confidence in their practice, relying on 21st century knowhow, bypassing the often obscure and exotic language borrowed from far eastern spiritual traditions.

Sander Krol

CHO, Chief Heartfulness Officer

Sander Krol is a Heartmath (heart coherence) and Mindfulness trainer & coach. Heart Coherence is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes. Sander has dedicated his life and career to helping people build resilience, recover from, and manage stressful situations more effectively.

Lawrence Warry

CTO, Chief Teamworking Officer

Lawrence is a creative thinker and people motivator and trainer. Since 2013 he has worked as a certified Samurai Game® Facilitator and successfully delivered a number of workshops on personal development based on the late George Leonard’s invention of the Samurai Game®.

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