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I am Ina

I experienced my 1st burnout in 2012. I was an employee at the time and like many people, thought that my full-time job was to blame. I resigned and started a part-time consulting practice leading change and global transformations. I worked with some of the largest companies in the world. I was doing really well, living my life’s purpose, but I did not feel any better. A few years later I experienced my 2nd burnout. That’s when I realized that where I worked or what I did had very little to do with my burnout. 

My recovery has been a bumpy road, with many trials and failures, mainly because burnout has only been officially classified in 2019. This means that we don’t have reliable and well-tested burnout prevention and recovery practices on the market today.  

I dedicated my time and work to researching and learning about this condition and after having tried about everything under the sun, 6 years later I finally discovered a set of tools and practices that helped me recover. 

In 2017 I published Burnout to Breakthrough and now dedicate my life to designing and offering programs that help people improve their wellbeing. 

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The mission of SHFT Happens is to develop and deliver accessible, relevant, and research-based offerings to individuals and teams, so that they have the emotional and behavioral foundation they need to feel well, feel worthy and live a more fulfilling life.