One Thing That Is Even More Fulfilling & Meaningful Than Being an Entrepreneur

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“Be successful!” “Get rich fast!” “Run your own business!” “Launch the next unicorn!” These, and other clarion calls to financial independence, power and success have been louder and louder as of late. The “solopreneur” is on the rise. These are the entrepreneurs, the freelancers, the start-ups — the savvy creatives with big dreams who are eager to answer those calls.  We forfeit traditional models of employment that have failed to meet our needs and swarm in cohorts to swap long commutes, outdated hierarchies, and the nine-to-five grind for the freedom to be our own boss, in the belief that the pot of gold is on the other end of the rainbow. But the trap we don’t always realise we are about to fall into is that as a solopreneur we are even more prone to burnout than ever before. There is no pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. Like Tolstoy’s fabled beggar, we are sitting on the pot. The challenge we are called to respond to is not about becoming a solopreneur, but about becoming a SELFpreneur.

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