Burnout to Breakthrough

Are you a candidate for burnout?

Burnout can be difficult to recover from. The best cure, is prevention. Take this test and find out how your emotional health rates.

A clear, accurate understanding of burnout is important for clinical and recovery practice. But because burnout has only been officially classified in 2019, most burnout centers are working with outdated ideologies relative to burnout, and not run by people who have themselves experienced it or who have been educated on this subject.
Our work (and this page) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources sourced from our personal recovery that aim to help you leverage your burnout to thrive.

We have it all, yet we have nothing at all

Everywhere I looked, from the European Union, the United Arab Emirates to the United States, I found compelling evidence that we were all united. United by a common foible, which I believe may be more of a curse: The single-minded pursuit of wealth which leads smart people to squander the things that money can't buy.


Universal Basic Income: No Strings Attached

Our homage to the virtuousness of being busy is causing a great deal of harm in the world.
Ten million employees fall ill each year as a direct consequence of stress at work in Europe. In the Netherlands, burnout is the number one occupational illness. One in seven people—more than a million employees—report burnout symptoms each year.


War & Peace Of The Mind​

“I worked hard for years out of plain fear and ignorance and also to impress women and have the funds to take them to restaurants that serve poached salmon with a light saffron sauce on a bed of roses and then bring them home to Tara and when they say, “Wow! What a big house you have!” to say, “Come in and let me show you my art.” Garrison Keillor, Time Magazine, 2001