4 Reasons Why I Love Kapwing

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I have always felt that I am blessed with fortuitous timing in my professional life. Time and again opportunities have presented themselves at just the right time when I needed them most in order to solve problems or issues I or people around me were dealing with.

Hal Elrod wrote: “Success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” And I could not agree with that more. I always felt that success and my inner world, my personal development, were intimately linked.

It will not be until a conversation with my psychologist in 2014 that I understood exactly how. That’s when I discovered Emotional Intelligence. That’s when as he presented the report, a 21-pages bible on my psychological landscape, that I was able to see, black on white, that my ambition to become a speaker didn’t stand a chance if I wasn’t going to improve my confidence first (prior to that I wasn’t exactly aware that my confidence needed improving). I also understood then why I suffered in my personal relationships and how the same glitches in my personality, translated in an inability to progress up the career ladder.

In short, this Emotional Intelligence (EQ) report helped to convince me that one should treat their personal growth like they treat any other journey: plan for it well, have a map to help you navigate and treat each component of EQ as a separate and distinct excursion with specific landmarks, monuments, and historical gravitas. Most importantly, this day infused me the burning desire to help those that I loved gain the same clarity and sense of direction in their life. Soon, this desire would proliferate into a purpose, and I got the opportunity to work with Emotional Intelligence to help companies, employees and public at large.

I soon found out that not everyone is actually clear on what Emotional Intelligence really is and that the information out there is not exactly accurate.

The issue I now faced was how was I going to create more awareness and spread the knowledge that I gained through coaching clients on the subject to educate people and open them up the the countless benefits of knowing their EQ? Social media is obviously the most straightforward answer and videos are the most accessible medium.

Was I going to buy an Adobe Premiere license?

Did I need to start outsourcing my video editing?

Should I forego using subtitles even though every expert advises to use them?

After a long and extensive search, I fortuitously came across Kapwing, an amazingly simple online Video editing tool that allows you to create Videos for YouTube, IGTV, Instagram and so much more. I have fallen head over heels for this tool and wanted to share 4 reasons why I love Kapwing.

1. Pre-defined social media sizes

When you decide to create a new video, you’ll be presented with sizes pre-defined for the specific social media channel that you are creating the video for. This is a huge timesaver and ensures that I have the appropriate video size every time.

2. Subtitles

Kapwing is a simple subtitle maker for captioning your videos. Not only is it incredibly easy to transcribe the text you want and space your subtitles on the video timeline using the intuitive editor, but Kapwing is also currently testing a functionality which generates the subtitles for you! WOW! (Better than YouTube does).

3. Storage

Another feature I appreciate is the fact that Kapwing stores my videos and the post-produced files that I have created. While Kapwing allows you to download the videos I like having all my Kapwing files in one place.

4. Cost

Probably my favorite feature of Kapwing is that it is free. Yes, you read that correctly. FREE. Kapwing does add a watermark logo to your video but it will cost you only 6 dollars to have it removed.

What Are You Waiting For?

Kapwing has been a wonderful resource for me, and I encourage you to sign-up today for a free account. There are more than 4 reasons why Kapwing has become my video creation tool of choice. For me, Kapwing is like an entire Video Editing Team at your fingertips, and you won’t be disappointed when you check it out.

If you are currently using Kapwing, please share your favorite feature in the comments below.

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