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Emotional Fitness Bootcamp 13 July 2019, 9:00-17:00
Emotional Fitness Bootcamp 13 July 2019, 9:00-17:00

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp
13 July 2019, 9:00-17:00

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13 Jul 2019

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TSH Collab , Amsterdam

“Not appreciating the value of your Social Superpowers is your kryptonite.” (M. Lieberman, Ph.D. Neuroscientist)

“Social Superpowers” are our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Scientists found that to make ourselves smarter, happier, and more productive we need to build these skills. The purpose of this program is to do just that – help you gain agency and stewardship over your Emotional Fitness.

The SHFT Happens Bootcamp offers you the unique opportunity to learn from human behavior experts from the business, coaching and academic world. Participants in our programs increase their EQ, Happiness & Wellbeing by 20%.

While each bootcamp is different, here’s a taste of what you might experience:

09:00 ✻ EQ Report
Your personalized, in-depth, 20 pages analysis on the current state of your Emotional Intelligence & Fitness.

10:00 ✻ Self-Awareness Session
Learn to navigate your inner emotional landscape. Boost your self-awareness & confidence.

10:30 ✻ Purpose Session
“Why am I here?” “What am I here to do?” In this session, we apply six powerful exercises to help you discover and live out your purpose.

12:45 ✻ Lunch
Connect with your classmates over lunch

13:30 ✻ Power up: Quick Coherence & Resilience
Learn to recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic. Apply a simple but powerful technique to boost performance and resilience.

14:30 ✻ Creative Problem Solving
Tune into the full range of your body’s wisdom areas — brain, heart, and gut to find creative solutions to longstanding problems. Apply a four-step process to disrupt your limiting beliefs, generating creative approaches and new perspectives for your own life and work.

16:00 ✻ Box Your Way to More Empathy
Some call boxing the “New Moving Meditation”. This is a non-violent session which is more intensive on a mental, than on a physical level, meant to help expedite your decision making and think on your feet.

17:00 ✻ Graduation Ceremony & Drinks
Draw from the diverse backgrounds of the SHFT community to generate new perspectives and increase self-awareness of your own biases and blind spots.

See you on 13 July 2019?

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Event F.A.Q

What is EI/EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to a distinct combination of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence our overall capability to form healthy relationships, cope effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life. We use the only scientifically validated tool that is based on over 20 years of research and currently represents one of the most robust, popular Emotional Intelligence assessments in the world. Over 1 million people across 66 countries have already taken the inventory.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. You must be 18+ of age.

Are there any other requirements to enter the event?

To enjoy full advantage of this event we encourage everyone to take the Emotional Intelligence Assessment before joining. The results will provide us with a robust and intuitive framework to address questions related specifically to you.

Is this an event for companies? 

Both individuals and teams are welcome. Whether you’re looking to connect with likeminded people, potential new partners, employers, teammates, or your next hire, you can be sure you’ll find them at SHFT Happens.

Why should I develop my Emotional Fitness? 

Research shows that people with better Emotional Fitness experience better (mental) health and wellbeing. Our participants have been rewarded with a 20% average increase in Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing in just 24 hours of in-person work.

Will EQ help me in my career or business? 

Most certainly. According to the World Economic Forum, 10 out of 10 "top skills needed to thrive" in 2020 will fall into the Emotional Intelligence category. Emotional Intelligence is the visa you need to get through the door of any company.

What can I bring into the event?

A clear mind!

How can I contact the organizers with any questions?

Drop us a line at info@shfthappens.com

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  • TSH Collab
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  • NH
  • Netherlands
  • Sat, 13 Jul 2019 09:00 - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 17:30

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