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How it is done

What are LABS?​

Chances are that you’re here because you’re looking to change something in your life. Maybe there’s something you would like to accomplish. Maybe you want to get better at what you do or start your own business. Perhaps you simply wish that you would feel better, lead a more fulfilling life, improve your relationship or meet the love of your life. You’ve come to the right place. 

We combine tools and practices that help you implement and sustain lasting change. Our LABs are focussed around these 3 pillars:  

Relationships are our mirror. The best way to know yourself, is through another. Our LABs are a way to build relationships that are linked to the same goal, like developing a skill, overcoming a challenge or exploring a new idea. Our LABs are strategic and goal-focused units of four people, focused on a specific area that you would like to improve in your life. By the end, you’ll have a close group of new friends and will have developed skills, habits, and a mindset you can apply toward any goal. 

We use agile coaching methods and sprints to help you bring about the change necessary for sustained success. Each LAB includes sprints that help you make progress toward a goal, build relationships, and gain confidence over the course of 12 weeks. 

It requires a curiosity and self-awareness to bring about change. Emotional Intelligence helps you strengthen such competences. The steps you take each week in a small, psychologically safe group moreover, give you a greater sense of control, confidence, and connection.

Where to start?​

Join from the comfort of your couch

Book a Lab on the theme of your choice. Block 60 minutes in your schedule. Plan to participate in 12 LABs for the best results. On the day of the meeting, join us online at the click of a link in your browser or from your phone.​

Form bonds that run deep

Something magical happens when you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable with other people, such as in the psychologically safe environment of our LABs. Bonds get formed. You get coached on your challenges, collaborate with your tribe to develop solutions and benefit from learning from the experiences and struggles of your peers, in business and life.

Save cash & build your network

Our LABs are like ViaVan, but for coaching. It is a shared coaching service that “picks up” several “passengers” heading in the same direction, keeping coaching affordable! A coaching session can cost anywhere between €80 and €160. Thanks to our model, we are able to make personal development not only affordable, but also fun and bonding. ​

Why not go for
a bundle?

Shit happens

Good for when you need a ‘Quick’ Fix. 


Shift happens

More than a ‘Quick’ Fix. Good for making changes in behaviour or building habits.  


Holy shift

Make sustainable change towards a goal, build relationships, and gain confidence. 


The benefits
for you

Emotional intelligence is a competitive advantage for your business or career.

Companies such as the ING Bank, American Express, Avon, L’Oreal, MetLife, Medtronic, 3M, Motorola, Honeywell, and Johnson & Johnson, have incorporated EQ into their hiring practices, sales, management and leadership training.

Research showed Emotionally Intelligent people make 66% better decisions. EQ allows you to move through life with a greater sense of belief. It boosts your self-esteem because when you make a decision with confidence, you are giving yourself a vote of confidence.

Emotional intelligence can be a strong internal motivator, reducing procrastination, increasing self-confidence, and improving your ability to focus on a goal. The 5 dimensions of EQ can help you improve your support network, overcome setbacks, and persevere through difficult circumstances with optimism.

Marital researchers have demonstrated that the better spouses are at perceiving, accurately identifying, regulating, and expressing emotions, the happier their relationships are. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis, derived from the emotional intelligence literature, that people differ in their abilities to accurately perceive, identify, and express emotions, understand and reason about emotions, and effectively regulate and manage emotions. Thus it may be argued that the marital literature supports the suggestion that some individuals are indeed more “emotionally intelligent” than others. Moreover, these differences in emotion-related abilities are reliably associated with what may be considered an adaptive and desirable life outcome: marital happiness and stability. (Macquarie University)

Research showed a meaningful relationship between emotional intelligence, happiness and mental health. 

Studies conducted by Frontiers in Psychology found Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be a key promoter of wellbeing. Our results support those findings. Participants in SHFT Happens programs boost wellbeing by 20%.

Understanding yourself (your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and beliefs) empowers you to better relate to others and act in ways that leads you to true happiness.


Each of the participants in the LAB will pick their own goal to work with. We recommend that you select a theme and join the LABs on the weekdays that correspond to that theme. The themes help you in find the most suitable peer group of people working on a similar subject as you


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Don’t see your theme? Join the “Freestyle” LABs on Saturday and Sunday.


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Personal Growth​


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