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How it is done

What are LABS?​

LABs are strategic and goal-focused units, focused on a specific area. Think of creating a new product or service for example, or developing a new skill or business model. Labs are now commonplace across industries from retail, to telecoms and travel. Whilst the goal of any lab is ultimately to create new revenue streams or bolster existing ones by improving productivity or efficiency, there is much more to consider.

For example, a new way of working may be beneficial for productivity, but in its own right can make for a happier workforce. Whilst our LABs are centered around Emotional Intelligence some of the common aims of the SHFT labs are: 

  • Leadership Development 
  • Personal Leadership 
  • Wellbeing & Happiness 
  • Teamwork & Collaboration 
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Why are LABs
"no strings attached" for organizations?


As a LAB Host you provide the venue and a pizza, we facilitate the LAB. You provide the launching station, we bring the rocket. Start with 1 LAB x 1hr and allow your employees to experience the benefits of higher EI at no cost.


Open innovation

Even if you recruit the smartest people in the world to help you innovate, they won’t have all the answers. Outsiders, from customers to suppliers to the general public, can offer fresh & valuable perspectives. These outsiders – our community – on the other hand, benefit by connecting with your brand & working together with your employees. 


Your high-growth people make your organization smarter and contribute to its growth, but they can’t do it alone. By hosting our LABS, you get to show them that you are invested in their growth and wellbeing, while we get to fulfill our mission.