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Peak performance

How it is done

What are LABS?​

The elite top performers of the world seem to have an extra gear. By the time their competitors catch on, they’re already making great strides in the next challenge. What sets them apart? What is their secret? Productivity experts have discovered the formula of peak performance and we have designed a Lab to inject this formula into the DNA of your company.

March 2020
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Why are LABs
"no strings attached" for organizations?

No strings

As a LAB Host you provide the venue and a pizza, we facilitate the LAB. You provide the launching station, we bring the rocket. Your people learn together with our community. Start with 1 LAB x 1hr and allow your employees to experience the benefits of peak perfromance at the price of a slice of pizza.


Open innovation

Even if you recruit the smartest people in the world to help you innovate, they won’t have all the answers. Outsiders, from customers to suppliers to the general public, can offer fresh & valuable perspectives. These outsiders – our community – on the other hand, benefit by connecting with your brand & working together with your employees. 


Your high-growth people make your organization smarter and contribute to its growth, but they can’t do it alone. By hosting our LABS, you get to show them that you are invested in their growth and wellbeing, while we get to fulfill our mission.