Listen before tripping | A secret tool to avoid struggles and suffering during a psychedelic trip | Part 1 | The First Bardo #018

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This podcast series comprises 3 episodes in total and is intended as a meditative guidance to navigate ego death and rebirth during a psychedelic trip.

It is based on Tibetan Buddhist principles and sourced from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert (later known as Ram Dass).

Listen before and during tripping:

  • How do I navigate or avoid disturbing hallucinations during a psychedelic journey?
  • What do hallucinations want to teach me? 

  • What is the ego−free state? 

  • How do I handle ego−death?

  • What’s beyond this temporary death? 

  • What to do if I feel confused during a psychedelic trip?

  • What is The Void?

  • How to maintain the state of the divine mind?

If you are contemplating a psychedelic journey and are asking yourself any or all of these questions – this episode is for you.

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