The Neuroscience of AHA! Moments

2018, TEDx Romania


For centuries we have believed that people stumble upon breakthroughs by chance or through some stroke of genius. But genius is not a chance occurrenc. We can deliberately create more “Aha! Moments”  in our lives, aka  innovate.  

New scientific discoveries have now overturned two centuries of metaphysical musings when it comes to breakthroughs. Recent MRI scans show what happens to our brains when we are producing an AHA! Not only can AHAs now be quantified in empirical facts. We now have the effortless and accessible practices to deliberately create them. This is what I spoke about in this TEDx Talk. 


In April 2018, TEDx Tîrgu Mureș was scouting for stories were going to "break the chains of the city... We don't want to bring you the rule-followers or the permission-seekers. We want to show you the shapers of the future. Those who had the willpower to unchain their minds, and ultimately unchain your future."


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English, Romanian & Russian
Dutch & French (B2 level)​


  • EI | Emotional Intelligence
  • Future of Work
  • Generative Change
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Teamwork/Team-building
  • Wellbeing at work

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