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De Nationale Carrierebeurs - The National Career Event

April 2019, Amsterdam

What would you do for 68% improvement in performance? And what do insights, or AHA! Moments have to do with performance? This was the question SHFT Happens was asked to address with the audience during a  Keynote at the DeNationale Carrierebeurs in April  2019 (NCB is the largest career event in the Netherlands). More and more companies are asking us to help incorporate Emotional Intelligence (EI) into their job selection process. This is no surprise given that Emotional Intelligence predicts job success. But where does this leave the applicants? How do they EQuip themselves effectively to ensure that they make the cut, or at least don’t end up on the “no” pile? 


We are wired to think in linear terms, but exponential change is here. Every industry is being upended by exponential technology. What does this mean for our brains? How does this impact our creativity and how can we keep up? In this engaging we shared micro-practices which we can use to overcome linear ways of thinking to keep up with exponential change. Quoting the latest neuroscience research, we practiced BrainSyncing, BrainDumping, and BrainSurfing, and offered practical tips on how to ease into creative problem-solving.

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5 april 2019



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