January 2020
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12 X LABs

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This offer includes 12 LABs x 1hrs. This package is great if you want to be able to sustain the change towards your goals.

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    1 hour

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420.0 340.0

Is there a theme you’d like to work on?

Each of the participants in the LAB will pick their own goal – something they care about – to work with. We recommend that you choose a theme and join the LABs on the weekdays that correspond to that theme, although this is not mandatory. The themes are intended to support you in finding the most suitable peer group of people who are working on a similar subject as you.

Mondays | Work & Career LABs: Join the LABs on Mondays if you want to work on goals such as: Accelerating your career; Identifying your next career step; Resolving a conflict with a colleague; Developing leadership skills

Tuesdays | Business LABs: Finding your purpose; Improving efficiency; Resolving a conflict with an employee or partner; Developing leadership skills

Wednesdays | Wellbeing LABs: Feeling good; finding fulfillment in life; developing self confidence; improving stress-resilience; gaining more balance, etc.

Thursdays | Personal Growth LABs: Build your self-confidence and personal impact; improve effectiveness; build confidence; identify your strengths

Fridays | Relationships LABs: Finding greater fulfillment in your relationships, personal or at work; Resolve conflicts; Improve your marriage, etc.

Saturdays and Sundays | Freestyle LABs: Join if you don’t have a subject-specific goal, or you’re unsure about what you really want to be coached on.

These bundle is for you

You’re looking to change something in your life. Maybe there’s something you would like to accomplish. Maybe you want to get better at what you do or start your own business. Perhaps you simply wish that you would feel better, lead a more fulfilling life, improve your relationship or meet the love of your life.