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Total Life Makeover is our bespoke coaching package for professionals and individuals.

Here’s a powerful thought: What do Flow, Awe, Peak States, Ecstasy those transcendent conditions, neurobiological bungee jumps which jolt us out of the mundane, out of our existential crisis, out of our anxiety and depression …those conditions where time dilates, the mind expands…what do these conditions have in common?

At the heart of all those states is something we call emotions. Joy, excitement, grace, gratitude, rapture...those are feelings that always accompany those states.

Total Life Makeover helps you tap into those states by getting to know, understand and leverage your emotions.

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Imagine this…No more blindspots. No more emotional hang-ups. No more of life happening TO you. Only life happening FOR you.

Total Life Makeover is where science and coaching conspire to bring you your own behavioral, actionable roadmap and guided step-by step transformation. This is where you transform your:


❤  Behavior

❤  Strengths & Weaknesses

❤  Relationships

❤  Performance

❤  Wellbeing

❤  Future







How Total Life Makeover works

Take the assessment

Receive your Emotional Intelligence report

Let us coach you through your Change Journey

Once you book Total Life Makeover you will receive an email with a link to the Inventory (for your eyes only). Reserve 20 Minutes and make sure you’re in a distraction-free environment to take the assessment. Fill out your details and answer all the questions. Your 21-pages report will be sent to you by email. Allow up to 48 hours for us to compile your report.  (See a sample report here). 


After you receive the report, we will set up 8 coaching sessions of 1 hour each, where over the course of 8 weeks together we will develop and execute a personalized change plan together. Prepare to transform your life.







A Complete Life Makeover

Over the course of 8 sessions Total Life Makeover will offer you:

21-pages Emotional Intelligence Report

8 x Coaching Sessions

360-degree inventory

The Emotional Intelligence Report is a comprehensive 21-pages report detailing your blockages and opportunities. This is not only a perfect tool for self-awareness and discovery – it is your behavioral roadmap on your Personal Development journey, offering clear direction and control over your life and wellbeing. This is the beginning of a total transformation. Improve your career and life from the comfort of your home or office, or face-to-face with one of our coaches. At your own pace. On your own terms. Tailored to you. We start our journey together with a level-setting and end it with one too. At the end of this trajectory we evaluate your progress using a 360-assessment which allows us to receive feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and others on how you leverage your emotional intelligence. It offers clear alignment between your perception and reality.




Grounded in 20 years of science & research. The market leader in Emotional Intelligence.

Tested on over 1mln people worldwide. Available in 45 languages.





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