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My professional life has been shaped by the 16 years I worked in Change. For most of that time, I worked in the Financial, Professional Services and Law Enforcement sector – I used to travel the world, helping global corporations transform various parts of their businesses before I found my passion for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and personal leadership. During one of my latest Change projects at KPMG, as I was working on hardwiring distinctive client experience into the processes and systems across member firms globally, I concluded that the best performing organisations are fuelled by high performing people and that EQ and personal leadership are the hallmark of high performance. Only when you lead from the inside out, you perform effectively, sustainably and most importantly – feel fulfilled on a personal and professional level. Only by leveraging your emotions can you truly tap into the source of your personal power. At the core of the soaring burnout and personal crisis rates all around the world (see my book Burnout to Breakthrough) lies this undeniable urge – the urge to have a direction, meaning and purpose in life, and the drive to move in that direction with consistency and clarity. And that’s where EQ comes into play. Most people think of EQ as just another personality test, and what a misperception that is! (I’d love to tell you more about it in person someday). This constituted a major pivot in my professional life to move from Strategy and Change Consulting to Emotional Intelligence development. And I am beyond grateful for that. Today I get a tremendous kick from working from my passion and building a movement with SHFT Happens that will hopefully leave a lasting positive mark.
Dora Pittman
Ina Catrinescu is a C-level consultant, entrepreneur and best-selling author. Over the past 18 years she has led Global Change and transformation initiatives at companies such as KPMG, ING, Europol and Achmea, and founded SHFT Happens - Europe’s First Metaskills Academy.
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