Your Partner In Change

Are you navigating a critical phase of change within your organization? My Change and Communications Services offer swift, expert support precisely when you need it. As a seasoned professional I can step in seamlessly, providing strategic guidance and hands-on implementation to ensure smooth transitions during periods of transformation. From crafting robust communication strategies to fostering stakeholder engagement, I specialize in delivering impactful solutions tailored to your unique organizational needs. 

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions

Every company is different, and I get that. My solutions match your goals, making sure they're just right for you. My process starts with a levelsetting or a (team) scan to evaluate where you are so that we can effectively co-create where you want to be. 

Drive performance

I will assist you in designing strategies, plans, training, and workshops aimed at driving adoption and aligning all stakeholder groups within your organization. My solutions encompass elements that enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, foster team connectivity, and cultivate a more positive work environment.

Measure your impact

I guide you through Identifying Key Metrics: Pinpointing the metrics crucial to measuring the success of your initiatives. Impact Assessment: Conducting thorough assessments to understand the tangible and intangible effects of your change.  

Tailored change paths, hands-on strategies, and measurable impact

Going from strategy to execution can be challenging and risky. In today's environment of constant change, organizations must inspire the behavioral mindset shifts required to effectively execute their business and culture strategies.

Change has changed. Traditional change management approaches can't keep up with the business evolution today.

I can strengthen your team, or help them adapt, and thrive in new competitive landscapes and cultures and provide you with the business acumen necessary to execute your strategies at scale.

The type of solutions I helped create

Growing international network share ratio at ING 

"Our goal was to enable ING Wholesale Banking's employees to leverage our network capabilities and sector expertise to help our clients stay a step ahead, wherever their global footprint may take them."

State of the art supplier engagement at Ingka (IKEA)

During Ingka Supplier Day, we came together with key suppliers and partners to ignite conversations and co-creation on topics around 4 Themes: Planet Positivity, People Powered, Omnichannel Excellence and Partnering with Impact.