Podcast: Balancing
profit, people & planet

A podcast with Mark Vernooij, Partner at THNK School of Creative Leadership

In this episode:

People don't learn through experience. We learn by reflecting on the experience," Mark Vernooij
  • How do you solve complexity?
  • Are you "socialised" or "self-authored"? (To download the worksheet, scroll down)
  • "Heat experiences", how did they shape you?
  • Are you a horizontal or vertical thinker?
  • What is "elevated sense-making"?
  • How can you leverage divergent perspectives?
  • Why is leadership a "verb"?

Practical Tools & Resources: 

Are you "socialised" or "self-authored"?


  1. The five stages of adult development
  2. An assessement to evaluate your progress
  3. A worksheet to help you evolve to the next stage 

As you work on your personal growth, do you sometimes ask yourself, "How much more work is there to do? Will I ever be finished?" Or, do you occasionally catch yourself thinking, "I am so much more advanced in my personal development than other people!"? Perhaps you're someone who can relate to this—a colleague follows a personal development program or attends a retreat and comes back transformed. You try the same program and feel no different.

Personal growth is like learning to play guitar. It involves distinct stages, each requiring different skills. In stage 1, you learn the notes. In stage 2, you learn about the strings. Then, you progress to applying the notes to the strings, and so forth. 

Why is this useful to know? Knowing this, and understanding these stages helps you determine where you are in your journey and discover the steps and tools that will best support your improvement. 

In this podcast with Mark Vernooij we touch upon the concept of "socialised" versus "self-authored". This worksheet expands on this, outlining the five stages of adult development as described in Kegan's Constructive Development Theory. 

Happy self evaluating and evolving! 

Can big business make the world a better place?

Do change, growth and sustainability go hand in hand? How can you grow your business and have a positive impact? What can you do to change your approach and grow engagement?

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Mark is a Partner at THNK School of Creative Leadership, where they're grooming creative leaders who make a positive impact on society. The school was founded in 2010 with the purpose of developing creative leaders to "turn global challenges and crises into opportunities, the ultimate goal being to achieve a more meaningful and sustainable way of life."

About Mark

Mark Vernooij is a leading figure in the field of innovation and leadership. Mark's the go-to man for designing and delivering top-notch programs that help leaders tackle tough challenges with creativity and grit. With his background in entrepreneurship, tech, and leadership development, he's a pro at helping companies navigate the ever-changing modern world. He's a real thought leader in creative leadership, inspiring others to embrace change and drive innovation in their own lives.

With this episode we are launching a new season of the SHFT Happens Podcast. In the new season we will be contemplating the future of leadership.

Why should you care about the future of leadership? Well, because that's your future. Whether you're already a leader or aspiring to be one, knowing where the job is headed is pretty crucial. And if you're part of Gen Z, there's a 93% chance that you're already dipping your toes into entrepreneurship, which means leadership is likely in your future too.

We talk about purpose and profitability, about leading and motivating teams, the skills that will define success in the future, driving effective change, meta skills, Regenerative Practices, and so much more.

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