Podcast: Hurry Up! Will Men & Women Ever Be Equal?

In this episode:

A podcast with Carine de Meyere, Founder At Women of The World

  • Women and the Queen Bee Syndrome
  • Takeaways from Davos
  • 25 conflicts around the world
  • Planetary boundaries
  • DWEN, Code-V, TedX
  • Addressing Childcare Challenges for Working Women
  • The Complexity of Gender Equality: A Global Transformation
  • Rethinking the Narrative: Moving from Equality to Equity  
Women are second rate citizens in the Netherlands!" Carine de Meyere

Will Men & Women Ever Be Equal?

Explore the ongoing journey towards gender equality in our special feature, "Will Men & Women Ever Be Equal?" This discussion delves into the historical context, current challenges, and future prospects of achieving true parity between men and women. Join us as we examine the social, economic, and cultural dimensions that influence this pivotal question and how shifts in policy and perception could pave the way for an equitable future.

About Carine

Women's rights advocate * Founder of Women of the world * Studied Social Sciences and Women's Studies * A chief tribal builder for women entrepreneurs * One of the most inspiring leaders in the world and one of the top 100 women in tech * The starter of a silent revolution on making the unconscious gender bias conscious.