Whello, moving from Red ocean to Blue ocean


Whello is a full-service online marketing agency. They are a reliable vendor growing rapidly. Their growth is power-based. The agrency is competing in existing market space having to fight competition, exploit existing demand, making the value-cost trade-off. Thier differentiation is based on the quality of their products and services. In a nutshell – Whello is swimming in a red ocean. "How can we move to blue?" This was the question SHFT Happens was brought along to help answer.

SHFT Happens developed a new business model which will bring Whello from:

  • A reliable vendor to preferred partner
  • Competing in an existing market to Leading in an uncontested market space>Beating competition to making competition irrelevant
  • Exploiting existing demand to creating & cpturing new demand
  • Having to make the value-cost trade-off to breaking the value-cost trade-off
  • Being great at sales to making sales unnecessary.
  • From Selling to being selective
  • Power-based growt to Intelligence-based growth (less customers but more profit)
  • Product and service-based differentiation to Business model-based differentiationRed to Blue Ocean