Welcome to #VistaSisters, an exclusive haven for exceptional women. Our aliance is woven with threads of passion for entrepreneurship, sisterhood and the exploration of altered states.

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The #VistaSisters is a growing network of women who come together on the basis of the visiom & values of SHFT Happens.

We envision a healthier, more connected world through evidence-based, safe, and legal application of the psychedelic experience in work, innovation & entrepreneurship.

VistaSisters Values

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Mind Altered


Unlock potential with our Emotional Intelligence Measurement Tool. Gain insights, enhance self-awareness, and cultivate personal growth for a brighter tomorrow.


Discover the transformative power of self-awareness. Embrace your strengths, navigate challenges, and unlock your true potential.


Experience the power of a supportive community. Together, we inspire, motivate, and create a meaningful impact—a tribe shaping a brighter future from within.

After attending our programs 

participants report:


increase in wellbeing


boost in emotional intelligence


decrease in burnout

What participants say:

"This program shed light on my blind spots. For example - stress tolerance. Initially, I believed that stress tolerance is a positive quality and good to enhance. However, thanks to this program, I learned that high stress tolerance actually makes one more susceptible to burnout."

Canberk Hallik


"During the sessions, there was not one moment where I didn't gain an insights about myself. Something that trully brought a mirror for me was regarding how I interact with people. It emphasized the importance of genuinely being more present."

Brenda Estrada


"SHFT Happens brought me a community of champions that thrive on Emotional Intelligence."

Iulia Tuica
Citizen M