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The U.S. Air Force found that by using emotional intelligence to select recruiters, they increased their ability to predict successful recruiters by nearly three-fold. The immediate gain was a savings of $3 million annually (Handley & Bar-On).

American Express Financial Advisors’ sales rates increased by 18% after attending an Emotional Competence Program (American Express). 

Sales agents at L’Oreal who were selected on the basis of certain emotional competencies outsold salespeople selected with a different process by an average of $91,000 for a net revenue increase of $2.5 million.

L’Oréal improved retention rates by 64% by hiring candidates on basis of certain emotional competencies. (Spencer & Spencer; McClelland & Kelner)

Emotional Intelligence is what distinguishes a high-performer from an average performer. Team members with high Emotional Intelligence contribute to the development of high-performance organizations and successful systems. Research findings prove that Emotional Intelligence is twice as important as IQ in predicting the performance outcomes and that improvement in performance is directly related to how Emotionally Intelligent an individual is.

Emotional Intelligence underpins collaboration and communication skills needed for managing conflict and keeping the team productive. (Luca, J., & Tarricone, P.). Research found a strong correspondence between Emotional Intelligence and ability to engage in collaborative teamwork. Google’s research project on why certain teams perform better than others, concluded that in top performing teams the members felt psychologically safe. They felt welcome to express themselves openly and enjoyed a high degree of empathy from other team members and leaders. Psychological safety is all about being able to understand, regulate and channel emotions for the overall benefit of the team. 

ING climbed up to 5th place in its category in “A great place to work” after introducing EQ. Employee engagement grew above industry standard despite profit-driven bonuses being lower. EQ moreover became the bedrock for public trust. The company rated above industry norm in the McKinsey Trust index after introducing EQ in 2015. 

“The financial service business has been driven very much by IQ in the past. We have a lot of intelligent guys but this wasn’t enough to continue to lead in this changing environment.” Mark Pieter de Boer, Global Head of financial markets sales at ING Bank.

“With better self- awareness and ability to manage emotions, mental resilience improves too.” (Mark Pieter de Boer, ING Bank) 

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We don’t take the beaten path. Steal the secrets of super performers from the Silicon Valley. Instead of grit, better habits, or 10,000 hours, we harness the rare and controversial altered states of consciousness to enhance performance by up to 500 percent.

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Our programs & workshops have proven themselves time and time again: In less than 24 hours we help individuals & teams boost EQ by as much as 20%.  

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Over the past two years, over 200 participants at SHFT Happens grew their EQ, improved their wellbeing, reduced burnout and found jobs in alignment with their purpose. A good start, but that’s no reason to slow down. We’re moving forward: we will continue to run Personal Leadership programs and partner with Social Enterprises to create more safe, enriching spaces where people from all walks of life can feel supported in building happier lives.

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We combine Emotional Intelligence and play to open hearts, enlighten minds, and enrich lives. Our programs & workshops have proven themselves time and time again: In less than 24 hours we help individuals & teams improve EQ by as much as 20%.

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