with science-based emotional intelligence solutions

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After attending our programs participants report:


increase in wellbeing


boost in emotional intelligence


decrease in burnout

Tailored learning paths, hands-on strategies, and measurable impact 

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions

Every company is different, and we get that. Our solutions match your goals, making sure they're just right for you.

Drive performance

We don't just offer training, workshops, and consulting. Our solutions encompass elements that enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, foster connected teams, and create a more positive work environment. 

Measure your impact

Investing in Emotional Intelligence can significantly impact several key business metrics: Employee Engagement, Productivity, Team Collaboration, Leadership Effectiveness, Customer Relations & Innovation and Creativity. We have the tools to measure that. 

Supercharge your performance, drive change, retain talents: start developing your team


Our process starts with a levelsetting or a (team) scan to evaluate your current emotional intelligence and leadership knowledge. 


Based on the assessment we design a tailored learning or change program that precisely matches your requirements.

Client Cases: The Type of Solutions We Design

Growing international network share ratio at ING

Client: ING

"Our goal was to enable ING Wholesale Banking's employees to leverage our network capabilities and sector expertise to help our clients stay a step ahead, wherever their global footprint may take them," Vincent Verhoeff, Head of Market ing and Communications

State of the art supplier engagement

Client: Ingka (IKEA)

SHFT Happens designed and executed the first Ingka Supplier Day! We came together with key Ingka suppliers and partners to ignite conversations and co-creation on topics around 4 Themes: Planet Positivity, People Powered, Omnichannel Excellence and Partnering with Impact.