New World, New Skills
The office of the future is a remote office. Less cooperation, less involvement, isolation and stress are the risks associated with this new world. We help you mitigate these risks by equipping your teams with the skills required to thrive.
Be well, Work well
Healthy and engaged employees are the key to a sustainable, well-performing organization. How can you improve the wellbeing of your people, while making your business more profitable?

For your team

We offer a number of training courses online. These are facilitated by one or two experts and a supporting moderator.

The training lasts 120 minutes and can accommodate up to 20 participants.

The types of training offered are:

  • Burnout prevention and Energy management
  • Creating a supportive remote working environment
  • Mental Power – Focus and Critical thinking
  • Stress Management Mastering recovery
  • Remote Working
The coaches we work with are a selected team of specialists working across a broad range of disciplines: Emotional Intelligence, Agile Coaching, Cognitive Therapy, Bonding Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Leadership Development, Career Development, Change Management, Consulting and even Physical Fitness and Nutrition.
Most teams are used to working remotely. But what if – out of necessity – you work from home for several weeks? Or if the situation arises that a whole team does not physically meet for a while? What does this do with the team energy and what tips, tools and working arrangements can help you at that moment to fully utilize the potential of the team? The team coaches of SHFT Happens support teams to stay connected, pay attention to recovery and make agreements that prevent energy leaks and that they can perform optimally within any circumstances.

To optimize talent acquisition efforts, we help companies design custom job success profiles mapping Emotional Intelligence skills to organizational competencies. This not only ensures that we effectively shortlist the best person for the job, but that the talent you hire remains emotionally connected to your company long-term.

SHFT Happens offers a series of digital Q&A Sessions with experts who can support your team.

For you

The ideas shared in our courses are only as powerful as their ability to spark changes in our thinking and in our actions. When we discuss these ideas, share how they are impacting our lives, and even meet face to face to put them into action — that is when this wisdom comes to life.

The SHFT Happens Community is where we come together to discuss progress, courses, support one another, and form local action groups.

SHFT Happens brings you experts in relationships, career, mental wellbeing, mindfulness, movement practices, and personal growth. You can follow a coaching trajectory with each of these experts or opt for a bundle and get support from all of them at the same time.

Our work (and this page) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you stay on track.

We organise live Q&A sessions with our experts where thousands of participants join challenges, learn new things and grow together.


Our customers

We work with leading organizations in various sectors.