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We bring the best of Emotional Intelligence to companies that are committed to creating more human workplaces.




For organizations looking to support staff affected by the emotional impact of COVID-19 we are offering a pro-bono Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Events & Programs for individuals


Over the past two years, over 200 participants at SHFT Happens grew their EQ, improved their wellbeing, reduced burnout and found jobs in alignment with their purpose. A good start, but that’s no reason to slow down. We’re moving forward: we will continue to run Personal Leadership programs and partner with Social Enterprises to create more safe, enriching spaces where people from all walks of life can feel supported in building happier lives.

Your partner for the entire employee life cycle

To optimize talent acquisition efforts, we help companies design custom job success profiles mapping Emotional Intelligence skills to organizational competencies. This not only ensures that we effectively shortlist the best person for the job, but that the talent you hire remains emotionally connected to your company long-term. 



The coaches we work with are a carefully selected team of specialists working across a broad range of disciplines: Emotional Intelligence, Agile Coaching, Cognitive Therapy, Bonding Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Leadership Development, Career Development, Change Management, Consulting and even Physical Fitness and Nutrition.  



We offer collaborative consulting for more effective in-house measures to support organizations design and roll-out recruitment, engagement, remote work, temporary leave, professional development or outplacement schemes and procedures.  



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Where to start?​

Enroll staff

Our interactive online Labs combine Emotional Intelligence with multidisciplinary Coaching for the most effective approach. Our programs & workshops have proven themselves time and time again: In less than 24 hours we help individuals & teams improve EQ by as much as 20%.

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We bring the best of Emotional Intelligence to companies that are committed to creating more human workplaces. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your HR, leadership development, coaching and employee wellbeing needs, you’ve come to the right place. We work with the best coaches in Europe, with research-based methodologies and reliable tools. 

Scale the change​

We help design and roll-out long-term incentives focused on encouraging employees to stay engaged and motivated on desired results as well as employed with the organization.